Saturday, November 10, 2007

Marine Corps Birthday Ceremony

We celebrated the Marine Corps' 232nd birthday on November 10th. With our limited resources we were still able to get a good cake and perform the traditional birthday ceremony. Members of our partnered U.S. Army unit were able to attend as well as the IA battalion HQ company that we are advising.

Waiting for the cake.

The cake detail (Lt Goo and Lt Hatfield in back, Cpl Wood and Cpl Escalante in front) bringing out the cake.

2-2-1 MiTT

The 2-2-1 IA battalion headquarters company

Our brothers in arms attended our ceremony.

Capt Lewis reading the birthday message.

Cutting the cake.

Giving cake to the guest of honor (LtCol Tasin)

Chad (center) with Malik, Khalid, Heider, and another jundee.

*All of the pictures of the birthday ball ceremony were taken by Khalid. Thanks to Khalid for the excellent pictures and thanks to Lt Clever for the use of his K-Bar to cut the birthday cake.

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